What must be in your hair-care kit?


I want to know the ought to-haves that one has to have of their hair-care kit ideally.

Answer by Dr. Jeet Gore:

What must be in your hair-care kit? 1
For cleansing
A shampoo with pH stability and void of any harsh chemical compounds.

For moisturizing
Conditioner after shampoo.
Leave-in conditioner for dry, frizzy hair.

For plausible hair
Hair serums.

Hair safety
Hair SPF sprays/creams.
Wooden huge-tooted comb as opposed to brushes.
Heat protection serums before heat utility (blow-dry, ironing).
Satin/fabric-covered hair ties.

Extremely oily scalp
Dry shampoo.

Dry scalp
Hydrating mask.

About Dr. Jeet Gore
Dr. Jeet Gore holds a BHMS, PGDEMS diploma and is a Senior Consultant – Trichologist at Trica Hair Clinic, Jean Claude Biguine. Want expert advice on haircare

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I am a lady in my past due to 20s, and I want to apprehend whether I have hair fall or hair loss. Can you tell me the distinction?

Answer by way of Dr. Jeet Gore:

The hair boom has a cycle with a developing segment (anagen), resting section, and dropping section (telogen). And after the dropping section, there is a new hair boom. This dropping section is visible as regular hair fall, which is observed simultaneously as combing or bathing etc. Losing 50-one hundred hair strands is regular hair fall. There is not any scalp visibility/baldness or unexpected lower in quantity. In case you notice an extra lack of hair and adjustments in your hair volume, it’s miles abnormal hair fall, and you want to get professional help. Hair loss is because of underlying factors, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental harm, causing extraordinary hair loss leading to scalp visibility/baldness. Types of hair loss vary with gender and genetic make-up—for example, male-sample hair loss, woman-pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, and thinning of hair.

About Dr. Jeet Gore
Dr. Jeet Gore holds a BHMS, PGDEMS degree and is a Senior Consultant – Trichologist at Trica Hair Clinic, Jean Claude Biguine. Want expert advice on haircare?