Essence Lotion- Is it The Secret to a Younger Looking Skin?



The launch of the essence in the beauty scene has elicited a lot of endless debates. For some users, it brought about a lot of confusion, leaving many with more questions than answers. Isn’t it the same as the toner? Is it a serum in liquid form? All this is changing, and you can now get a lot of information on the product and its benefits.

Understanding essence lotion& How it works

Essence originated from the Korean beauty industry. It’s different from toner and works as a primer. An essence lotion should be the initial step after cleansing your skin. It prepares your skin for other steps in your skincare routine, thanks to its lightweight properties.

Essence lotion offers many benefits to your skin, just like serum does. However, it has a lower molecular weight compared to most daily creams. What’s more? It feels non-greasy and comfortable, and you’ll find it and many other Missah Products in leading beauty stores.

What makes essence unique? It has deep penetrating qualities than the ordinary moisturizer. It combines multiple elements in one. It will hydrate and re-balance your skin using different concentrated ingredients, which allows for deeper penetration. Moreover, it

enables your skin to absorb better the goodness of other products that you use.


What are the active essence ingredients?

Essence is a water-based product with multiple skin benefits. It boasts of different active ingredients that will hydrate, protect and improve your skin’s overall health. The common ingredients in essence products are;

  • Water- Hydrates the skin and acts as a base.
  • Glycerin- Is a moisturizing agent and helps trap moisture into your skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid- Pumps up the skins and allows for further moisturization.
  • Botanical plant extracts- offer anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and lipids- strengthens and nourishes your skin cells
  • Yeast fermentation byproducts- Offers multiple benefits such as UV protection.

Why use essence?

Essence offers a host of benefits to your skin. One of the main gains is that it improves your skin’s absorption properties allowing for better absorption of other products. That’s not all, though! Essence lotion contains multiple active ingredients that benefit your skin immensely. The major benefits are;

  • Hydrating the skin cells
  • Protecting the skin barrier
  • Rebalancing your skins PH
  • Softens& Smoothens the epidermis
  • Improves the overall skin health

Is there are a difference between essence and toner?

If you have ever purchased essence and toner, I presume you were left asking yourself some questions. Isn’t the product the same as the toner? Well, the products may look alike, but they both have varied roles in skincare.

A toner is an alcohol-based product whose main purpose is to provide a deeper cleanse after using a cleanser. It also helps tighten the skin’s pores and balance the skin tone. This then helps create a smoother complexion.

Who benefits from toners? Toners work well for people with oily and acne-prone skin. They come with additional ingredients that benefit your skin in various ways. You can get exfoliating, acne-clearing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory products, and more.

Similarly, the essence is a relatively new product in the market. It exists in various formulations, and the thin line between toners and essence is somewhat blurred. Nonetheless, it’s a product that comes in between a toner and serum. It facilitates the transition between the use of the two.

An essence is designed for faster absorption, hydration, and nourishing, softening your skin and leaving it adequately primed to receive the benefits of the serum. It improves the performance of your serum while giving your skin an extra shot of hydration and nutrients.

The bottom line

Essence is a must-have product in your skincare routine. It prepares your skin to absorb the benefits of other skincare products. It also contains a host of ingredients to ensure smooth, soft, and healthy skin. There are many essence formulations in the market, no matter your choice, acquire your products from legitimate brands, and enjoy high-quality products.