STAR FLAWS I got the £three hundred Gold facial Lady Gaga and Tess Daly love – and ended up searching like C-3PO


Her £three hundred Gold Facial makes use of LED light therapy to transform your pores and skin-boosting collagen, reducing discoloration and fading exceptional traces – blended with Deborah’s signature bee sting magic.

Lady Gaga, Tess Daly, and the Minogue sisters are a number of the stars who swear with the aid of the treatment – that’s individually tailored to each pore and skin type.

The crimson mild boosts collagen and is tremendous for anti-growing older and repairing pores and skin, while the green may be used to lighten hyper-pigmentation and transform beneath eye luggage.

Gold facial

I had the blue mild – which promises to calm redness, lessen oily pores and skin, and fight the microorganism which reasons blackheads and acne.

The treatment occurred at Deborah’s private vital London salon – but I’ve been ordered to preserve tight-lipped approximately the place.

“I have royalty coming here; I can not have simply anyone knocking on the door,” Deborah tells me. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is among her well-known clients.

Meghan Markle is likewise rumored to be a fan, even though the beautician wouldn’t touch upon that. ““This facial virtually correct for all skin shades,” she teases instead.

The treatment takes an hour and 20 mins and prices £one hundred and five with a Deborah-educated beauty therapist or £300 with the girl herself.

The A-list % had been getting them for four years, with all and sundry from Victoria Beckham to Gwyneth Paltrow attempting it returned within the day.

I’m pretty lucky with my complexion – I’m now not susceptible to breakouts and do not even very own a pot of basis.

But I do have aggregate skin in the same components, dry and oily, and I am liable to eczema, which turns my face an unattractive shade of pink.

Deborah gives me a as soon as over in her natural light courtyard earlier than outlining my flaws – shininess, redness, and features resulting from dehydration.

I gulp down liters of water at some stage in the day; those cheeky after-work wines have to be taking their toll.

The treatment starts offevolved with popular facial fodder, with Deborah using a whole host of expensive lotions and creams on my pores and skin.

Then one is going the masks, an excessive-tech contraption which plugs in with a USB socket like a computer.

It feels cool and hard to respire at first, but then it’s miles peak hayfever season.

It’s left on for 1/2 an hour, and I became 1/2 expecting Deborah to use this time to make herself a cuppa.

But instead, she starts offevolved massaging every inch of my frame – from my shoulders to my toes.

It all feels amazing; I can see why this skincare range is known as Heaven, but sporting the mask is likewise a piece bizarre.

“None of my remedies purpose breakouts – you could get it the day earlier than your wedding in case you desired,” Deborah reassures me as she works.

It’s been said that Kate Middleton loved a bee venom facial days before her 2011 royal wedding.

You would not need to get this one proper earlier than taking walks down the aisle, although – the masks suits tightly, leaving nostril and eye indents which choose approximately an hour to go down.

When it is all over, Deborah carefully uses more than one dollops of her lusted-after Gold Bee Venom – her herbal solution to Botox – on my crow’s ft and forehead frown strains.

Although it consists of abeetoxin bee venom, there’s no actual sting, as the poison has been cautiously extracted and made right into a cream.

She tells me: “My celebrities could have all of the cash inside the international and that they’re nonetheless best in a position to buy the Gold Bee Venom once.

“There are best 500 available, it expenses £352 and makes use of Queen Bee venom, it’s handiest to be had in Harvey Nichols Birmingham.”