Summer Hair Care Tips: Damage Warning! Six Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss


Summer is just around the nook and it’s time to take proper care of your hair. Overexposure to harmful solar rays, damage your hair. To avoid roughness, dryness and to ensure your hair looks it’s absolutely fine, it’s essential to guard your hair throughout such a situation.

‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’- following this precise pronouncing, we’ve got come up with a few hints for you which assist you to shield your hair:

Cover your hair – Always use a scarf or hat to cover your head when you are out inside the sun. It not simplest protects your hair from getting dry due to summertime heat however also reduces harm due to the wind.

Go for relaxed styles – Instead of the usage of tight rubber bands, tie up your hair free. Tight coiffure can be unfavorable as they have a tendency to rip hair while your hair is dry due to sun publicity.


Avoid washing your hair regularly – When you wash your hair too frequently, the water and merchandise you use can strip away your scalp of its herbal oils which in flip stimulate oil production and makes hair greasy. So, it’s advisable to scrub your hair every 2-three days, as opposed to each day.

Regular conditioning – To shield your hair from cut up ends and roughness, it’s far advisable to condition them continually. Opt for the herbal conditioner to maintain your hair healthful and bright in the summer season.

Trim your hair – Hair develops cut up ends because of immoderate sun publicity; so, professionals advocate getting the hair trim to reduce excessive harm to hair.

Stay hydrated – Water isn’t always best important for the body, however also similarly vital for the wholesome increase of hair. Adequate consumption of water save you and treat dry scalp and also reduces dandruff trouble. Drinking plenty of water guarantees that hair stays hydrated and wholesome.

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