iPhone Accessories Guide: Our Favorite Picks for 2019


The iPhone has been around for more than 10 years, which has given accessory producers time to give you all manner of beneficial accessories that beautify, defend, and price your iPhone.

There are many iPhone accessories available on the market that we can’t go through them all. Still, on this manual, we highlight a few merchandises that we assume are a few of the high-quality accessories you could get for the iPhone. We’ll be updating this guide over time to add new objects, put off vintage gadgets, and spotlight high-quality products we come upon, so make sure to check again every so often.

Cases and Screen Protectors

There are an endless variety of iPhone instances and display protectors on the market, and right here at MacRumors, we’ve got examined much of what’s available. I’m now not going to undergo each iPhone case that you may get because the listing would be countless. However, I will rather highlight some of the favorites that we’ve got used over the years and some of our readers’ favorite brands.

iPhone Accessories Guide: Our Favorite Picks for 2019 1

– Silicone Cases from Apple ($35 to $39) – Apple designs iPhone cases to go with its iPhones, and because those are Apple-created, they may be a great suit for every iPhone. Apple’s silicone instances are grippy, thin sufficient no longer to feature quite a few bulks, and, most significantly, defensive. I’ve been using silicone instances nearly completely on my iPhones since the iPhone 6, and via many, many drops, a few quite large, my iPhones have constantly survived intact. If you do not like the texture of silicone, which some human beings don’t, Apple also has a great choice of leather cases that might be just as shielding.

– Smart Battery Case ($129) – Apple has a sequence of Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, which extend the battery existence of your iPhone. These cases are similar to the Silicone Cases from Apple; however, they bump for a battery p.C. At the back. If you’re regularly running out of battery lifestyles at some point of the day or need the greater battery for an upcoming trip or time out, those instances from Apple are your first-rate bet for extra electricity effortlessly without having to carry every other accent. Apple’s Battery Cases can fee wirelessly, and you may see the battery lifestyles left the right to your iPhone.

– Mujjo Leather Wallet Case (~$46.50) – MacRumors editor Tim clothing his iPhone with a Full Leather Wallet Case from Mujjo, which features a decent quantity of safety without a variety of bulk. The Wallet Case is made from leather and has a further slot at the lower back, which could maintain your credit score and debit cards.

– RhinoShield SolidSuit and Mod NX ($35 to $38) – The RhinoShield SolidSuit and Mod NX line of cases are slender, protecting, and customizable, with shoppers capable of choose case color, pattern, and buttons. What’s more, those instances are designed to work with RhinoShield’s line of add-on digicam lenses.

– Velvet Caviar iPhone Cases ($30) – If you’re searching out a case that is a chunk out of the ordinary and extra eye-catching than your popular case, make sure to check out Velvet Caviar. Velvet Caviar instances are light-weight and don’t upload several bulks. However, they will defend your iPhone from drops and bumps. There’s a front bumper to hold your display safe too, and there are plenty of unique styles.

– Spigen’s Liquid Air Case ($14.99) – Spigen instances are super popular with MacRumors readers because they are defensive, reliable, properly-made, and may not break the bank. Spigen offers a ton of iPhone case options, and all are quite extremely good, as we determined in our iPhone case roundup; however, the Liquid Air, in particular, is thin, making it ideal in case you hate bulk, easy to get on and stale, and defensive. Another favorite is the Liquid Crystal, just like the Liquid Air, however clear, so it lets the iPhone’s design shine through.

– are Glass Screen Protectors (~$eight) – There are loads of display screen protectors on the market at wildly special price points, and most of them function similarly. MacRumors videographer Dan vouches for Suarez’s display protectors, which are low-priced, provide a super-suit, and feature an easy setup technique. You can get iCarez screen protectors for all of Apple’s iPhones at a reduced rate on Amazon.

– BodyGuardz Pure 2 EyeGuard Screen Protector ($ forty-two) – This screen protector is designed to filter dangerous blue mild, reducing down on 43 percent of blue mild wavelengths. We’re not certain how a whole lot of a difference this makes. However, MacRumors editor Mitchel says this display protector has saved his iPhone’s display secure.

– Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition ($139) – Nomad’s Apple Watch Base Station has an Apple Watch charging percent for charging the Apple Watch, alongside a double coil Qi wireless charging pad, making it a wonderful alternative to the now-canceled AirPower. You can use the wi-fi charging pad to fee the iPhone horizontally; however, if you put the iPhone vertically, it frees up a touch spot for charging the AirPods, so all three gadgets charge at one time. It’s pricy. However, it is one of the fine multi-device chargers in the marketplace.

– ElevationDock 4 ($50) – If you select charging over Lightning to wireless charging (it’s quicker!), the ElevationDock 4 is one of the excellent docks available on the market. It’s slender and doesn’t absorb an awful lot of room on a desk, and the suction material on the lowest method that you can dock and undock your iPhone one passed. That won’t seem like a large deal. However, it’s large when it comes to convenience.