The Sigma fp is a modular digicam, and right here are nine add-ons to get started with


Appearances may be deceptive. Straight out of the container, the Sigma FP seems adorable and compact and an alternative primary. It’s all very well for Sigma to mention that it’s been designed to be small, light, and modular. However, compared to its set up full-frame competitors, it does the appearance, well, a chunk minimal. There’s no longer even a digital viewfinder, for heaven’s sake.

But the incredible new Sigma FP isn’t like normal stills or hybrid stills/video cameras. It’s got extra in common with module expert pictures and videography systems, in which you add the accessories and components you want on an activity-by-job basis.

The Sigma fp is a modular digicam, and right here are nine add-ons to get started with 1

You can get the concept from this reliable Sigma promotional video (underneath), which indicates the Sigma up in all kinds of one-of-a-kind configurations for studio pictures, cinematography, and easy hand-held use.

It is at once compatible with L-Mount lenses (which includes three new Sigma L-Mount lenses launched on an equal day because of the Sigma up) and Sigma SA or even Canon EF lenses via Sigma’s MC-21 adaptors (below). It can also work with Sigma flashguns and a lighting fixtures system through add-on adaptors and mounts. If Sigma wants the up to rank amongst the high-quality mirrorless cameras, and even the first-rate 4K cameras for filmmaking, this expandability will be vital.

So to offer you an idea of the expansion alternatives available, right here are nine accessories announced along with the Sigma FP that will help you adapt and extend the device in line with your desires.

The Sigma up doesn’t have a hot shoe incorporated into the frame, but you get this hotshoe adaptor with the camera, which screws directly to the body. At the same time, you want it – and unscrews for a better, less complicated digital camera profile while you don’t.

The Sigma FP doesn’t have a viewfinder built-in, and Sigma is not offering a clip-on accent digital viewfinder of the everyday kind. Instead, it has this – a miles large viewfinder accessory that suits over the rear display cuts out extraneous mild and offers 2.5x magnification.

This is supplied with the LVF-11 View Finder (above) but may also be sold one at a time. It attaches to the Sigma FP after which gives a mounting factor for all sorts of add-ons (now not simply the LVF-eleven) thru a standard ⅜-inch thread.

The Sigma FP is designed to be small and compact, however on occasion, you would possibly need it to be simply that little bit simpler to grip, particularly if you’re the use of larger, heavier lenses. The HG-eleven Hand Grip gives you a progressed keep whilst you want it and can be indifferent when you don’t.

The HG-11 Handgrip offers a raised profiled floor for a better grip; however that won’t be sufficient for massive cine lenses or telephotos, and that’s wherein the HG-21 comes in. It’s a far larger detachable handgrip that screws to the bottom of the digicam and adds a full-top grip at the side.

This cable launch is designed for the Sigma FP however appears quite similar to any other – except this one has a 3.5mm microphone socket built-in to provide an alternative mic input to the stereo mics built into the digicam body.

This Sigma flash isn’t new or designed especially for the Sigma FP – but it will work immediately with Sigma’s new camera. All you need (we presume) is the Sigma Hot Shoe Unit HU-11 that’s blanketed within the container with the digital camera.

Video shooters tend now not to keep and support cameras inside the equal way as stills photographers. Many videographers choose a vertical handgrip connected to the base of the camera. It’s a lot extra stable and relaxed for one-handed filming, even at arm’s period.