The Most Unexpected Beauty Tips From Korean Celebs


Korean celebrities are regarded all around the world for their enviable complexions. Dewy, clean pores and skin, and natural-searching makeup are each hallmark of the Korean beauty scene — and stars will go to some extreme lengths to make certain that their look is as much as par. Here, in no unique order, are the craziest splendor pointers we’ve visible, but!

The youngest participants of ASTRO have a few pretty different cleansing exercises. Rocky says that the name of the game for his skincare is rinsing with touch lens solution (sure, just like the stuff you use to sanitize your lenses). He credits the tip to his mother, announcing that she is his principal supply of splendor advice. This is one tip which you would possibly want to go away to Rocky due to the fact. However, it’s tempting if it means attaining his faultless appearance; contact lens solution incorporates many chemical compounds that might aggravate the pores and skin.

15 Korean Beauty Tips From K-Drama and K-Pop Stars

On the other hand, Santa prefers to cleanse his face with a combination of water and vinegar. Vinegar, in all fairness, acidic stuff and might go away with a quite pungent smell lingering on the skin, so that you may want to be cautious with this one as properly.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun of “My Love From the Star” repute has some other meal-related skincare tips: she creates her face masks using toner, lemon juice, and wine. She says that she mixes all three collectively and soaks paper towels inside the resulting mixture, using these solution-soaked sheets to her face as a DIY mask. Again, these are acidic merchandise that can be nerve-racking to sensitive skin, so that’s absolutely something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about attempting this one at home.

Singer JooE of MOMOLAND says that nose contouring is a critical part of her splendor routine, and he or she has a special tool she uses to achieve her snatched appearance: a fork! She uses the space among the tines of the fork to manual her brush and makes sure that her contour is flawlessly instantly. This one seems like it can take a chunk of practice to get right; however, hi there…if it works, it works! Just make sure no longer to poke yourself in the eye while you’re at it (if you’re no longer as clumsy as I am, this shouldn’t be trouble).

Continuing with the cutlery topic, former Rainbow member Jisook has a unique manner of spreading her basis: she says that she likes to use a plastic knife as an alternative! She says that the knife spreads the muse in fragile layers, creating the your-pores and skin-however-higher appearance and keeps the product from gunking up on the skin. If you’re going to do this one, observe Jisook’s lead and use handiest the knife’s back to your face to keep away from any unlucky injuries.