Summer Diet Tips: This Summer Veggie May Do Wonders For Your Gut


The summers are right here and how. Our kitchens and fridges are full of all things cool and summery. There are masses of summertime fruits and greens that aren’t only delectable but also some of the healthiest additions you could make in your summer season weight loss plan. Mention summer and our minds instantly picture sparkling and colorful mangoes. But summers in India are a celebratory affair, and whilst mangoes are a big part of it, they may be no longer the handiest highlight of this sizzling climate. Crunchy and cooling cucumbers are also an intrinsic part of our summertime necessities (Think: raita, salads, detox water, smoothies).

Cucumber Nutrition Facts and Value

Summer Diet Tips: This Summer Veggie May Do Wonders For Your Gut 1

Cucumber is a treasure trove of bio-to be had minerals, electrolytes, and nutrients together with nutrition K, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, calcium, and zinc. It is also helpful in keeping the frame’s water stability on hot days. A proud member of the gourd’s own family, cucumber is known to have plant sterols that can be powerful in lowering ‘dangerous’ (LDL) cholesterol levels. Cucumbers find a unique area in many pores and skin and beauty rituals too. It is said that cucumber is filled with splendor mineral silica; it could exfoliate the skin, dispose of lifeless cells and prevent tanning.

Cucumber is famend to be our intestine and tummy’s great friend in the summer season. In those months, one is commonly recommended to eat fresh, seasonal, and self-made food as digesting greasy and heavy food gets increasingly hard throughout the summer season.

Cucumber for summers — Here’s what makes cucumber ideal for the gut, digestion, and weight loss:

1. Cucumber For Gut:

According to the ebook, ‘Healing Foods’ through DK Publishing House cucumber, “Cucumber carries pepsin, a digestive enzyme that allows the breakdown of the protein. It additionally acts as an antiparasitic and facilitates cleanse and tone the intestines.”

(Also Read: eleven Best Cucumber Recipes you know about 96 percent of cucumber is just water? Yes, you heard us! Cucumber is all water and nutrients. Since it’s miles densely packed with water, it is right for your colon. If you are stricken by constipation, cucumber may help soften your stool and allow higher bowel regularity.

2. Cucumber For Weight Loss:

There has to be some purpose as to why cucumber makes for a salad staple. As mentioned earlier, cucumber is full of water, which makes the veggie a very filling one. If you are complete, you will certainly binge less. Cucumber is likewise a terrible calorie food. A 100 grams serving of cucumber consists of the most effective 15.54 calories!

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