Sita Abellan unveils a new jewelry collection for summer


Sita Abellan has unveiled her latest series of pieces for her jewelry brand Lillith, which’s available online today.

The series, which has been referred to as the ‘Male’ collection, is sincerely a unisex, summer-targeted launch of necklaces and bracelets. Pieces of the Male series function shells and chains, and every piece keeps Sita’s signature snake motif. All rings portions are made in Milan.

She revealed the collection during Paris Fashion Week final month and celebrated with a celebration at Silencio. Sita curated the nighttime, inviting artists like Boys Noize, BAD GYAL, Pedro Cavaliere, and greater to carry out.

Sita Abellan unveils a new jewelry collection for summer
Hot Pants

They are pants, and they may be warm! As their call shows, warm pants have become the maximum fashionable clothes to wear last summer season. They are the shortest pants that you can have, and they may be now not categorized as pants, but it’s miles extra appropriate to name them quick shorts. If you have not anything to be embarrassed about your legs, you can wear warm pants this upcoming summer. Pair it with kikois, and you’ll find appearance fab. They will make your appearance sexier at some stage in the season and enable you to seize the watchful eyes of guys. However, if you decide to put them on, you need to ensure which you wear matching underwear because they’re very brief.


Since 2009, blazers have in no way been out of fashion. They are so versatile and are one of the most famous garments worn every summertime. They can act as a heat jacket in the course of the cool nighttime and function as a stylish accessory to your summertime get dressed in the course of the day. With the sleeves rolled up, your blazers will look best if it’s miles accompanied with washed-out denim get covered. For several years, blazers were the epitome of summer fashion, no matter which way you put on them.


If you do not need a typical maiden look, then the summer fashion for you is athleticism. Athleticism emphasizes the tomboy appearance. You can follow this theme using carrying slightly oversized jumpers and pairing them with boy shorts and knee socks fitted with heels. However, you have to refrain from carrying tracksuits, given that they are already out of fashion.

Party Dress

Summer is the time for relaxation; of course, it’s going to never be whole without the events. Even though you have already got hard and fast clothes reserved for parties, it is higher to look for attire to add to your wardrobe. If you hate wearing warm pants and blazers all through the summertime, since it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you may settle for birthday party attire. Still, the fashionable birthday celebration get dressed to put on in summer comes in neutral hues, but you should pass for specific designs as a way to decorate the curves of your hips. This will allow you to grab the attention of the men attending the birthday party.

These are a number of the maximum popular developments final summer season. There is a massive possibility that these garments will be the trending summer season style for next yr. Since the summer season is over, it’s time to prepare for the subsequent 12 months and begin filling your cloth wardrobe with an elegant summer season. Get dressed nowadays, while their price continues to below.

It’s that point of the season once more, wherein you can rest and forget the sector even as pursuing the greater fashionable side of you. Have you crossed out the following items to your summer season cloth wardrobe ought to have listed? Trendy garments coupled with modern-day earrings, the latest apparel of cute dresses, and lovable footwear in conjunction with summer fashion baggage can be light and breezy? If no longer you then better do something because as the summertime is rapidly drawing close visitors on good shops both within the mall or online might quickly get worst.