Itiba Relaunches Brand of Beauty Products


Yoki Hanley relaunched her line of Itiba splendor products to wholesale and retail clients April 29 at Frederiksted Government House.

“Itiba is back and prepared to serve the general public once more with motive and ardor,” Hanley said at the Experience Dinner in the former Old Danish Schoolhouse.

Hanley stood within the middle of the towering cobblestone venue surrounded via Itiba own family and buddies and spoke about the existence of Itiba she commenced 20 years ago.


Itiba Relaunches Brand of Beauty Products 1

The preliminary cleaning soap created by means of Hanley to assuage her toddler at bathtub time was the impetus for her to preserve to create and proportion the herbal substances she used from her Crucian home environment.

“I do the whole lot by using the hand in processing pores and skin-loving product that might mimic the original botanicals. I used for that first cleaning soap,” Hanley stated.

“There were so many folks who believed in me and had been on foot the stroll with me to expand my herbal splendor product line for all to revel in,” she delivered. “Our creams, tub soaps, body polishes, and body butters incorporate the richness of Mother Earth,” she said.

Hanley said she used coconut, mango butter, lemongrass and lavender as the initial elements for the first soap. The Itiba frame polish contains a blend of Crucian Wildflower honey, brown sugar, Shea butter, coconut and avocado oils fragranced with lavender and chamomile, she stated.

“There are not any parabens fillers or animal merchandise,” Hanley said. “It was and continues to be a adventure of evolution, now not simplest for me, however for all at the Itiba journey of excellence in environmentally sound and organically researched products created for each pore and skin type.”

The company changed into playing achievement when – like so many V.I. Businesses and families – it turned into dealt an intense blow by way of the hurricanes of 2017. Hanley’s store places and production plant were devastated, and she briefly left the island to take care of the family.

But the April 29 amassing turned into the sign that Itiba is again.

Hanley advised the gathering she has new companions, Michael DelGiaccio and Benjamin and Phuong Ireland.

Phuong comes to Itiba with decades of revel in the splendor industry – operating with American Eagle Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, and Bed, Bath and Beyond Hanley noted.

Eight guests have been seated at each of the fourteen candle-lit tables at the relaunching. The rooftop and the big walls had been cloaked in glowing colours of red and blue and gold and pink all unfold round and down onto the cobblestone outside area.

Guests walked up to a mild incline to the cocktail venue where bartender Jahmani poured domestically sourced fruit and essences like MidNite Rain and Carib Lime cocktails created by chef/mixologist Frank Robinson to copy the substances inside the Itiba beauty collection. Robinson owns and operates the Bes Craft Café in downtown Christiansted. He and Hanley advanced a signature idea after they worked together of their services of Itiba cocktails at a current Taste of St. Croix event.

The two determined the cocktails would be the ideal accompaniment for the Itiba Dinner Experience and Relaunch.

Robinson’s menu pondered some of the ingredients used within the introduction of the Itiba products: The first direction of Carib Lime soup become a mix of coconut milk and lime juice broth steeped with lemongrass, rosemary, mint and lime zest with citrus-marinated grilled shrimp.

The RSVP invitation counseled that guests “put on your Sunday satisfactory” to the dinner. As ways as the attention may want to see, visitors have been decked out of their “Sunday Best” as they milled approximately the long-lasting venue.

Itiba has been recognized over the years by Essence, Jet, Pose, and Fashion Flair magazines. An Itiba product was a part of an Academy Awards present basket on the Oscars numerous years in the past.

With Ariba’s relaunch, the local people may be aware of its merchandise as they advantage momentum at some stage in the territory and reclaim their popularity throughout the Caribbean and Europe, Hanley and her companions agree. In the local Caribbean Taino religion, Itiba is Mother Earth, and all life sprang from her, Hanley discovered. Hanley goes again to the earth to get the herbs and plants for her line of natural pores and skin care products.