Hair loss products for men that might actually work!


Many products available nowadays in the market claim to stop or reverse hair loss. But knowing which product might work can be a bit tricky. All products don’t work out for everyone, and each individual may experience different results with even the same product! But then again, a few good products are known to be ‘good’ because they are tried and tested! So if you’re in search of the best shampoo for hair loss, log on to, and you may find what you’ve been looking for!

Hair loss

The best way to find out which product might work for you is to check with certified dermatologists. They can help you analyze the situation and recommend the best options for the appropriate treatment. Here’s a list of hair loss products that might actually work.


This prescribed medication can treat male pattern baldness. It is a pill that needs to be consumed once a day to slow down hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. But if you stop taking the pill, you may lose any new hair that grows. There may be possible side effects as well. Check with your dermatologist before you plan to take this pill.


You can get this medication without any prescription. It is in liquid or shampoo form, which needs to be applied to your scalp twice a day. Minoxidil can be effective in treating baldness in men. Besides, it can also help in growing new hair and preventing further hair loss. It is just like finasteride and works only if you keep using it.

Shampoos: Will washing your hair with shampoo help improve your scalp condition? There is no direct answer to this. It depends on the condition you have. Some shampoos work out so well that the hair loss stops completely and re-grows without visible side effects. Certain hair conditions can play a huge role in your hair loss. If you are diagnosed with such conditions, your dermatologist might recommend a medicated shampoo or check with the doctor regarding a particular shampoo with the ingredients to help solve the issue.

Vitamins and Minerals:

If you are low on certain nutrients like vitamins and minerals, it can contribute to hair loss. These include iron, vitamin D, and various other nutrients. Micronutrient testing can help determine if you are low on hair-healthy nutrients, and a doctor might suggest some supplements for you. But ensure you take supplements based on doctors’ advice.

Laser Devices:

Laser caps and combs can help in treating hereditary hair loss issues. It can help in improving men’s hair loss. However, scientists need to conduct more research to ensure that the treatment methods work well or any other visible or hidden side effects. You can talk to your doctor before you opt for any treatment, as your doctor can diagnose the issue and recommend further treatment.

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