Interview: Sophie Turner Reveals Her Favorite Beauty Products


Though Game of Thrones is soon coming to a close, Sophie Turner is just getting started. The 23-year-vintage actress may be excellent recognized for her function as Sansa Stark. However, she’s also a crucial player inside the X-Men universe as Jean Grey (also referred to as Phoenix, or Dark Phoenix) has almost as many regulate egos as the Many-Faced God). She’s also virtually, truly proper at Instagram.

Less than a month after the awful lot predicted series finale of GoT airs on May 19, the film Dark Phoenix, which is targeted on her character, could be released on June 7, so proper now, Turner is the lady of the moment. But among playing those kick-ass characters — and becoming in a quickie Vegas wedding together with her love, Joe Jonas — she nonetheless manages to make an effort out of her busy schedule to talk with Allure approximately experimental splendor, playing a survivor, and the way she keeps her hair as robust as she.

Day-Off Beauty and Experimenting On the Red Carpet

Interview: Sophie Turner Reveals Her Favorite Beauty Products 1

The costumes on Game of Thrones may be elaborate (and rightly so, for such intense storylines), but they do not involve a lot of makeup. Turner’s day-off splendor ordinary is also quite herbal: “On my days off, you’ll commonly seize me in no makeup at all,” she says.

However, she truly likes to attend to her skin and has some favorite merchandise that keeps her sparkling. “I just use micellar water to ease my face and iS Clinical Cream Cleanser,” she says. “Then I use my trusty Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.”

But crimson-carpet appearance is an exceptional tale absolutely. Lately, she and her makeup artist, Georgie Eisdell, had been going for bold on the subject of eye shadow, and we have been taking notice.

“I see crimson carpets as an opportunity to behave a little bit. It seems like dressing up as a man or woman,” says Turner. “It’s wherein I experience maximum comfy, imparting a model of myself, however still being able to test and attempt out new things.”
Going Incognito as a Blonde and the Unexpected Colors She’d Like to Try.

The way Sansa has styled her hair has changed pretty a chunk over GoT’s eight seasons, depending on in which she’s been living (the female has done stints in Winterfell, King’s Landing, the Eyrie, and lower back). However, it’s almost usually remained that signature coloration of pink, save for a quick time in season five whilst it changed into a bit darker to throw off would-be captors. “With the crimson hair, I felt empowered due to the fact each character I’ve played that had purple hair changed into so sturdy,” she says of the fiery coloration.

She is a natural blonde and says it truly is the shade that makes her feel maximum herself. There’s every other perk, too — on every occasion she is going lighter, she receives diagnosed in public lots less frequently. “The blonde hair has given me a little anonymity, which I love,” Turner tells Allure.

But as many of us recognize, common coloration changes can wreak havoc on hair, and it enables you to have a product that can visit warfare for you. Turner’s colorist, Sonya Dove, makes use of Koleston Perfect from Wella Professionals to color her hair, which is a brand new dye that she says gives it a much more even tone.

“Honestly, I could alternate my hair color every day if I desired to,” she says. “My hair feels higher once I’ve dyed it like nothing ever happened.”

When asked about her dream hair shade, she says she’d like to test with brunette, “But I’ve been holding off due to the fact I’m positive I’ll have to try this for a function in some unspecified time in the future,” Turner says. “But I love Maisie’s red hair, so perhaps I’d do a pastel green or blue.”

While seeing her as a brunette for a position sounds interesting, I’m crossing my hands for pastel green or blue within the near future.

The Evolution of Sansa Stark and What It’s Like to Play a Survivor

Alright, now it is time to get a bit extra severe, and I have to begin with a confession: Sansa took a bit of time to grow on me when I began watching Game of Thrones. Arya changed into an immediately preferred — I loved her anti-authoritarian mindset and move-out-and-kill-’em spirit; however, her older sister’s choice to stick with the fame quo did not honestly do it for me. But over the course of eight seasons, Sansa’s been put via the wringer and has had a non-public evolution, each internally and externally. Just try to picture early Sansa sporting an outfit made from artfully positioned leather-based strips and topped with a silver chain with a pointed needle on the cease. You can’t.

Surprisingly, this powerful, armored ensemble isn’t always Turner’s favorite appearance of Sansa’s (although the Internet might disagree). “My favorite look of hers was genuinely worn on one in every of her saddest and maximum tragic days — it was changed into the look she wore on her wedding day to Ramsay,” she tells Allure.

For her doomed nuptials, she wore a white dependent get dressed with a tricky-braided coiffure for individuals who do not forget. “It becomes simply a totally pure and harmless aesthetic, and it is the first time in a long term that she regarded susceptible,” Turner says of the appearance. “It became heartbreaking, but any such fabulous appearance.”