I Was Obsessed With This Shirt in High School and Haven’t Worn It Since


Confession: I was pretty darn preppy in the center and excessive school. We’re speakme polo shirts with popped collars preppy (don’t choose me). While I did not layer my polos like some of my so-hip friends (although I’m embarrassed to say that I did don’t forget it), I pretty plenty wore American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister the whole thing. Sure, I finished maximum of these seems off with butterfly clips, a pukka shell necklace, and heavy eyeliner (yikes, I understand . . . #TBT).

Cut to my 30-yr-old self wherein my preppy past suggestions continue to be but ordinary; my vibe is conventional, feminine, and often tailored. I love smart staples, from button-downs to shirtdresses and chinos, leaving my polo shirt fandom in the beyond . . . Until now. Popping up (see what I did there?) on many a clothier runway over the past few seasons, the preppy hero piece is formally lower back and, now not-so-shockingly, I’m exquisite into it.

New-season polo shirts include a heavy dose of nostalgia (like most people of traits nowadays), referencing varsity stripes, zip closures, and ribbed fabrics á Los Angeles the ’70s with ’90s touches like shrunken fits and frilled detailing proving essential, too. And while pastel colors and neon sunglasses are huge (simply as they have been in my center and excessive school days), splashy styles, modern-day stripes, and cool color blocking make 2019 versions feel ultra-fresh for Summer and a fashionable choice in the vicinity of easy t-shirts or structured shirts and blouses.

I Was Obsessed With This Shirt in High School and Haven't Worn It Since 1

When styling a polo shirt with a modern-day spin, I’ll be ditching my loved denim miniskirt from high school (and most sincerely might not be popping my collar) and swapping in clever midi skirts, antique-wash denim, and excessive-upward thrust trousers for each work and weekends — I might even layer one with a slip dress and slightly their sandals due to the fact, let’s accept it, Summer fashion is all about fun, and what is more playful than a complete throwback appearance?

If you’re right here for the polo shirt resurgence like I am, shop my favorites ahead, from super affordable unearths (including versions from Abercrombie and American Eagle!) all of the way to clothier patterns that walked the runway.

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