9 Pairs Of Classic Sunglasses To See You Through Winter


Winter’s cold mornings may be at the horizon. However, that’s no excuse to ditch your sunnies now. While they are probably considered a heat-climate staple, there’s no question that a couple of sun shades are an investment piece that never loses their charm. A traditional manner to instantly uplift almost any outfit, a brand new pair of sun shades are one of those add-ons you can again and again put on all year round. Whatever your desire, selecting an appropriate pair of frames that tick all the fashion and luxury bins and also flatter your facial features is a daunting mission. To assist you on this apparently limitless quest, we’ve rounded up our favorite kinds of shades assured to preserve you looking elegant all yr long.

Upswept frames are the one style that has stood the take a look at of time and complement nearly each face form. Adorned by way of our favorite celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian, we do not anticipate to look at this style of the frame going anywhere anytime soon.

Each season each year brings alongside some distinct fashion tendencies that end up the unique season’s flavor. Similarly, stated here are the top ten tendencies of winter fashion 2010 for guys. Take a look:

9 Pairs Of Classic Sunglasses To See You Through Winter 1

Chunky/Ribbed Scarves

Scarves are by no means out of style; in truth, they’re a famous garb accent that’s notably carried in the chilling iciness season. This yr it’s all about getting the chunky/ribbed woolen scarves and wrap them up in a fashion to beat the winter chill.

Military Flavor

Military fashion has to be twisted a chunk this winter. Just team up the Army greens and Air Force blues with a traditional shearling or an aviator jacket to stay warm and modern. It is a novel winter put on for guys this season.

Shearling Lined Mid Boots

Mid boots are pretty ‘in’ this wintry weather season. These are as a substitute critical to finish the military look. Look for a few smart shearlings coated mid boots to supplement your aviator appearance.


A little gaudy, it might seem; however, velvet is indeed the cloth of the season this yr. It is a cloth cabinet crucial for winter 2010; however, if you need to go diffused with this style, strive for velvet collared jackets and fits.


Tweed remains at the style tray this season. Check out warm tweeds in warm sun shades and let the style meter soar excessive with the overall enchantment. Be it a blazer, trousers, or coat; tweed looks exceptional in each shape.

Camel Tones

The most elegant shade of wintry weather 2010 is Camel coloration. So get going and pick up your favorite trench coat, blazer, or chinos in the conventional tones of camel sunglasses.


Pull up the socks in style this winter; get a couple of chunky socks that matches nicely with your boots, and put a few of your trousers into the socks. Let a piece of socks showing above the boot line, and you’re ready to rock down the street in style.


This season navy fashion is quite apparent in the men’s suits too. This year, the upmarket, present-day menswear consists of double breast suits, complementing the nice to adult males with wide shoulders and slim waists.