Wild hair, short hair, lengthy hair… Do care


The scorching heat and muggy weather for the duration of the summers in Kerala torment Malayalis to such a quantity that it’s far unimaginable to move an afternoon without a chilly shower or two. The non-Malayali oldsters would frequently be amazed to hear that the “hair-tub ordinary” for a Malayali is seven times per week on a median or extra, depending on the warmth out of doors. In truth, an “entire” bathtub for a Malayali means getting wet from head to toe. But on the subject of hair care, is this habitual endorsed?

Hygiene is surely one of the elements affecting a person’s hair boom. But those who think that frequently washing your hair is the final hygiene mantra have to recognize that it’s miles a myth.

Although the frequency of washing your hair does now not surely damage the hair and the scalp, it’s far encouraged via specialists, which you maintain down to a few washes consistent with week.

Wild hair, short hair, lengthy hair... Do care 1

Naveen Mavar, a hair care expert for Toni and Guy, says, “Washing your hair each day can affect your scalp because it will save you the hair follicles from producing herbal oils, which are seminal in keeping the natural texture and growth of someone’s hair. In Kerala, humans follow oil to their hair on a day-by-day basis and depart it on until the day after today, which can now and again lead to scalp infections and dandruff and eventually hair fall.”

When asked about their hair wash workouts, most people from Kerala said they washed their hair daily and implemented oil frequently unless they had been sick.

Anjali, a 23-year-antique college student dwelling in Kerala, says, “I even have long, wavy hair, and each time I even have gone an afternoon, or without washing my hair, it becomes greasy and entangled. So, to avoid the mess, I make certain I wash my hair every day.”

On the opposite, Malayalis residing out of Kerala’s doors no longer stick to this difficult and fast rule and prefer washing their hair less frequently.

“I wash my hair most effective twice or sometimes three times per week. I stopped washing my hair every day after I realized the water isn’t that exceptional and saw I become beginning to lose quite a few my hair”, says Bernard, who has long hair and is a tattoo artist in Chennai.

A greater authentic clarification concerning daily hair wash was given by Dr. Althasma Ameem, a trichologist at Cochin Hair Transplantation in Kerala. “Certainly, washing your hair daily is not an exceptional concept. But depending on the character of 1’s everyday routines and paintings, a person may also decide the number of instances his/her hair needs to be washed. If you have dandruff in your scalp, washing your hair day by day with a moderate shampoo could be a perfect option to prevent an immoderate build-up of dead pores and skin cells,” says Dr. Ameem.

The most liked and everyday fable―washing your hair each day―does not stand by myself even as some hair care myths comply with one after another, as observed on the internet.

Some of those ideas/myths as found employing Dr. Ameem include:

i. Oil rubdown ends in hair fall. This is false. Oil rubdown facilitates higher blood flow and oil absorption.

Ii. Shampooing often nourishes your hair. Actually, shampoo is used for cleaning the dirt off your hair and scalp. Excessive use of shampoo will prevent the hair and the scalp from generating natural oils.

Iii. Trimming your hair brief reduces hair fall. Hair grows from the roots and not the guidelines. If you’ve got hair fall trouble, it might be because of an underlying cause affecting the scalp and the hair follicles.

Interestingly, Kerala’s human beings, regularly stereotyped by using their damp hair dabbed with coconut oil (in particular the women), are frequently praised for their thick, luscious, and black hair. But the day-by-day hair washes in this can be disregarded because sturdy, lovely hair is merely a unique feature of the Malayali genes. But Dr. Ameem makes it clear that aside from someone’s genes, a healthful food plan and occasional scalp massages are two essential deciding elements for a wholesome hair increase. In particular, she suggests that an oil massage two times every week might certainly help the hair grow more potent and thicker.

Despite understanding a touch an excessive amount of approximately hair-care, skipping a hair tub could nonetheless feel like a nightmare for the majority. However, hair-care experts recommend that ‘rinsing’ the hair with water instead of ‘washing’ is an effective way of getting rid of the dust and sweat from the hair and equal freshness as washing. Subsequently, an intensive hair-wash needs to be done only while you want to eliminate the extra oil from the scalp. A dry-shampoo that’s feasible in your hair kind is any other terrific trade option to washing your hair, which could additionally, at the same time, help you maintain the shine and texture of those adorable dresses.