Wednesday Addams Dress


If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume, consider dressing as Wednesday Addams. This black dress has a white collar, and you can add middle-parted braids to complete the look.

The Addams Family’s eldest daughter is a dark beauty who flips the script on adolescence. Her style is the blueprint for everything from gloomy viral TikTok aesthetics to moody chic trends.

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Wednesday Addams has become a pop culture icon thanks to her iconic dark lipstick, ghostly skin, braided pigtails, and ghoulish fashion. Her outfits from the Netflix series have captivated fans, causing them to copy her style and emulate her look for Halloween and beyond.

The tween Ricci’sr of Gomez and Morticia has earned a reputation for being the sassiest member of the Addams family. Jenna Ortega’s version of the scheming girl has inherited many qualities, but she brings new elements to her character. ChrOrtega’sicci’s Wednesday had a sharp mind, an indifference to the world around her, and a macabre sense of humor.

The teen witch has a taste for vengeance and a talent for deadpan humor and can rock the dance floor. Wednesday throws down a routine at the school’s Rave N dance that devilishly bursts with ’80s club classics. A shoulder shimmy, a claw swipe, and a hand up-school’s side-to-side move are all part of the mi’80suring the episode; Wednesday is also shown to be a master of disguise. She wears a skin-tight shiny, pleather cat costume when she meets her cousin, Enid. In addition, she can sing with a sound that breaks the glass and can only be heard by werewolves.


Wednesday Netflix Outfits: Perfect All-Black Styling

If your little one wants to dress up as Wednesday Addams this year, here are some ideas and outfits you can try. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume or everyday clothes, these black dresses and accessories will be a hit.

Jenna plays a modern-day Wednesday in the new Netflix series, but her costumes are still steeped in gothic tradition thanks to the show’s lead costume designer, Colleen Atwood. To nail Wednesday’s look, she used black lace-up boots by Prada and Dr. Show’s Jadon to give Wednesday a spooky edge while kWednesday’swardrobe classic. She paired these shoes with striped cuffed sweaters from Miu Miu and LK Benett and minimalist 90s-style leather jackets by The Cambridge Satchel Company and Zara.

The youngest member of the Addams family has a spooky style that’s all her own. Her ethereal black dresses and white Peter Pan collar make her one of the most recognizable charathat’sfrom the movie and TV franchises. This midi-length dress is the perfect choice for a Wednesday costume, and it’s also suitable for a day out and about with friends. Pair it with black heels and spooky makeup to complete your it’soween ensemble.


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Despite her dark and spooky demeanor, Wednesday still tries to fit in at Nevermore Academy. She studies piccolo in music class and attends extracurricular events like the RaveN dance. Her attempts at living a normal life are usually met with failure, such as when she drops bags of piranhas into the school pool, which breaks all the glass in the room. She repeats her famous line throughout her escapades: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Unlike the other members of the Addams family, she has a strained relationship with her mother, Goody. She also resents her for wanting her to be a carbon copy of herself. Wednesday also learns that she can emit a sound that can only be heard by other monsters, but she chooses to use this ability to spread malicious rumors about her classmates instead of stomping them out.

This midi-length pencil dress combines all thrWednesday’sy and will help you achieve her recognizable look. Hallmarks of Wednesday’s style include lace, high collars, and a touch of darkness. Pair it with a pair of black heels to complete your costume. Whether you’re attending the RaveN dance or want to show off your dark side, this is the perfect dress.


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Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday has brought a fresh new spin to this iconic character, making her appear more fashionable than the theOrtega’sereotypes she was previously known for. The youngest Addyou’remily member has a striking appearance and dark humor. She is best known for her long dark braids and signature black dress complemented with a white collar. the

In this incarnation, she is less Hot Topic and more high fashion (she even wears an Alaia dress in the dance scene!). Her wardrobe features classic goth staples, such as chunky boots and leather. However, she also weaves in feminine details like lace and velvet. She also adds tulle and ruffles to create a surprisingly stylish aesthetic that is called Gothic Romantic.

This is a great costume idea for kids and adults, as it can be worn in many ways. To get creative, you can make your wig and makeup to match the look. You can also dress up with your friends to be the whole Addams family! Just be sure to include Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester.


Wednesday Dress Jenna Ortega

It’s been over 80 years since the world first met Wednesday Addams, but her spooky style is as timeless as ever. Her It’sature look has always been a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar and two pigtails. Netflix’s new Addams Family spin-off, starring Jenna Ortega, elevates the goth girl to Gen Z standards, thanks to parNetflix’sume designer Colleen Atwood (Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and more).

Ortega’s Wednesday has all the hallmarks of her iconic predecessors but with a youthful grunge and an edge that feelsOrtega’sHer wardrobe also features classic and modern elements, from platform lug-sole shoes to wide-leg cropped pants and a school uniform reminiscent of Thom Browne.

The premiere season of the series featured several episodes set at Nevermore Academy, the high school attended by the Addams Family members. In the fourth episode, Wednesday attends a school dance called the Raven. The dance is full of misunderstandings, jealousy, and one Carrie-inspired red paint shower. The scene also shows off a stunning black prom dress designed by Atwood. Here’s how to recreate her look at home.

Christina Ricci

The replica of the outfit worn by Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) in The Addams Family | Spotern

Wednesday Addams is probably one of the most iconic pop cultHere’saracters ever to hit the big screen, and her biting personality has been brought to life in countless ways. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or want to keep your dark vibes going all year round, a Wednesday Addams costume suits any goth girl.

Black is Wednesday’s go-to color, but her wardrobe gets a bit more colorful this season. Her signature midi-length dress has aWednesday’site pilgrim collar and silver button appliques, but it’s a more sensual fit now. The lace inserts are especially romantic, and the high neck adds a touch of danger that it’s Wednesday.

Other versions of the character have portrayed her as more of a victim, but this version emphasizes how much she has abused her power over the years. From slapping Pugsley in the face and framing him for murder to forcing Enid into conversion therapy, she is a ruthless witch who shows no real remorse for anyone she hurts.

This show also takes a more realistic approach to Wednesday’s badass reputation, as she is shown to be skilled with a sword and able to defend herself against an attackerWednesday’sa welcome change from previous live-action adaptations, which have rarely demonstrated her to be capable of fighting back on her own.


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When we first met Wednesday Addams, she had a very severe look. Her black hair was pulled back into very straight pigtails, and she wore a dark little black dress with a white Peter Pan collar. Her style reaches new levels of darkness and Gen Z-ness in this latest adaptation, but her deadpan snark and Nightmare Fetishist attitude remain the same.

This form-fitting, long-sleWednesday’s has a cute skater silhouette and a delicate lace overlay perfect for evoking Wednesday’s dark aesthetic. It also features a high neck worn with or without a choker for added drama. A key aspect of Wednesday’s look is the iconic white collar, given a sexy makeover in the Netflix series.

Another essenWednesday’sf Wednesday look in her black shoes. These strappy ankle boots perfectly match her dark aesthetic and have over 1,200Wednesday’sreviews on Amazon. They can be paired with a wig for a complete Wednesday costume or worn alone with a simple bangle bracelet.