Fashion and splendor suggestions from the experts


As the season adjustments, we went knocking at the doors of main fashion and beauty experts to get their take on the top tendencies we can adopt this season.

Fresh from freeing the 2019 Hair Trends Report, founder and chief government of hair and beauty salon Candi & Co, Candice Thurston, says this season is all approximately going big with expressive and ambitious hair stimulated with the aid of fairs such as Coachella and AfroPunk. “An awesome coiffure can make you sense 10 instances more beautiful,” Thurston says. “Our [mission] is set deracialising, de-stigmatizing, and revolutionizing the hair and beauty notions. We need to give our cis- and gender-nonconforming customers the power and confidence they need to sense lovely and confident.”

Fashion and splendor
Why we like it: You can use a curly wig in candy-floss color… That way, it can be used each time you’re feeling festive. We love that there is no need to harm your very own hair with coloration, and it is also clean to put on at any time.

Tip: Make sure you use a silver shampoo and conditioner variety to make sure colorations stay colorful and curls healthy.

Trend: Be-jewelled clips to create a hairband

Why we like it: It’s a laugh, flashy and will be notable for an evening occasion.

Tip: Use a gel to flatten hair first, then add clips to make it look glossy and neat.


The newly released Beauty Revolution took place in Johannesburg lately. Switch Beauty, the mind child of Rabia Ghoor, changed into surely one of the most famous stands on the 2-day occasion. Good shared the beauty traits that she is crushing on this Autumn.

Why we love it: Wearing a dark berry lipstick color is an incredibly formidable statement and takes your appearance from zero to 10, actually speedy. If you can not decide on lipstick, transfer it out for a tinted lip gloss, it’s far similar to chic.

Tip: To make the trend pop, make sure your lips are nicely prepped before making use of a darkish lip coloration. Exfoliation and hydration are key factors of awareness.

Trend: Feather brows

Why we find it irresistible: Brows frame the face, so it’s excellent to present them more love. For herbal searching eyebrows, shape the brows without making them look too overly finished – and they appear extremely good on anyone.

Tip: With a light hand, draw light-weight hair strokes with the eyebrow pencil in the areas in which you want to fill in. Blend gently and set the brows with a forehead gel. Use the shape of your brow to manual you as you fill in.

With African Fashion International and SA fashion weeks executed and dusted, we took an idea from some of the pinnacle trends spotted on the runways. We endorse incorporating some of those into your wintry weather cloth cabinet.

Why we find it irresistible: With handbags getting smaller, the obvious thing to do is to have larger pockets. Sporting a new form is an impressive way to update your dresser: think fashionable production worker.

Tip: When choosing a silhouette, keep the proportions in mind. Pay interest to the wallet and wherein they’re located. If you’ve got wider hips, prefer to have the wallet on a jacket instead of a trouser to balance the look.

Trend: Bucket hat

Why we find it irresistible: There isn’t doubt that the bucket hat is a recreation changer for any outfit, supplying versatility that may transition any wardrobe superbly.

Tip: Try an outsized bucket hat with a blouse dress and a trench coat, or for an informal appearance, pair the hat with a light-weight knit pinnacle, slouchy cargo trousers, and a stacked mule.