Readers Write: Shameful marketing campaign against Markowitz


I study with utter amazement the latest article regarding Steve Markowitz that changed into written inside the July five trouble of the Great Neck News. The disparaging way in which Steve Markowitz has been described, in addition to the letters to the editor that had been published from people who seem to have a few different agendas, is shameful.

This is an try and undermines the recognition of an outstanding and well-known citizen who has been a staunch supporter of Jewish reasons for many years. I’ve regarded Steve for nearly 30 years, and I can correctly say that Steve is a person who gives his time, effort, and energy to institutions and those who propose for the greater precise. I understand him great as beyond president of Temple Israel of Great Neck, where he placed wonderful emphasis on bringing the Conservative, Reform, Orthodox, and Sephardic groups together.

Readers Write: Shameful marketing campaign against Markowitz 1

The human beings worried about this horrible marketing campaign in opposition to Steve have no idea who he’s or what he has contributed to the Great Neck and Long Island network and the Jewish community. He doesn’t deserve this.

“I usually ask people, ‘What are you selling?'” he stated. “If you are doubling the charge [because you include pot], that may be a problem.”

Still, those locations exist in that criminal gray region and were largely unnoticed by the police.

But that doesn’t assist travelers seeking out an Amsterdam-like revel in. Because you can not smoke in public, motels will kick you out, and there’s nonetheless no area for pot on federal land — which makes up 30 percent of the district and crushes the dream of lighting fixtures up with Lincoln.

Enter the 420-pleasant Airbnb.

Some are coy about it and say they’re “Initiative seventy one compliant” or “420 friendly” deep down within the details.

Others make it their number one promoting point.

There is the completely unremarkable, one-bedroom brick box of beige carpet and air mattresses for added visitors in Southeast D.C. That rents for three instances what the membership suite room at the Ritz-Carlton costs — $1,500 a night time. And it has nothing, however, rave, five-star evaluations.

The “Cannabis Friendly DC Hideaway Suite” includes unfastened toiletries, towels, “free samples of hashish traces for private use,” and “free infused edibles.”

That one might be a touch fishy, Sanderlin said, because it’s such a long way from a normal marketplace rate for a room that it’s obvious the selling factor is the pot.

Also, within the identical part of D.C. Is the “Cozy Canna-Inn,” a house that promises a spa-like revel in consisting of meditation sessions, massages with cannabis-infused oil, breakfast, mimosas, and further prices for a ship cruise. Cleverly priced, natch, at $420 a nighttime.

Or there is a fundamental, $forty one-a-night time room in a Columbia Heights apartment. This is “420-friendly” and “Initiative 71 compliant.” She helps you to have a room in her rental and permits you to do what you need. This one is not a hassle at all, Sanderlin stated, as long as she would not have a landlord that forbids pot.

Everett stated she researched the law thoroughly and knew she didn’t need to be like the people who offered a shady bed-and-a-joint for $60.

She’s additionally an alternative instructor and expert excursion manual on the facet, so Everett likes the fashion of a friendly, old skool, bed-and-breakfast revel in, wherein you grasp out with visitors and inform them approximately the cool places to go.

WASHINGTON — Agents with the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have grown to become nation driver license databases right into a facial popularity gold mine, scanning through hundreds of millions of Americans’ pictures without their understanding or consent, newly released files display.

Thousands of facial reputation requests, inner documents, and emails during the last five years, acquired through public records requests by way of Georgetown University researchers and provided to The Washington Post, show that federal investigators have grown to become kingdom branch of motor vehicle databases into the bedrock of extraordinary surveillance infrastructure.

Police have long had to get admission to fingerprints, DNA, and different “biometric data” taken from crook suspects. But the DMV records contain the pictures of the majority of a state’s residents, the maximum of whom have by no means been charged with against the law.

Neither Congress nor nation legislatures have authorized the development of this kind of device, and developing numbers of Democratic and Republican lawmakers criticize the technology as a risky, pervasive, and error-susceptible surveillance device.