Jaime Lannister’s Facial Hair Situations, Ranked by means of Season


On Sunday night time, the contemporary episode of Game of Thrones eventually gave us masses of lengthy, loving appears of Jaime Lannister’s new beard. And it became approximately time. After a in large part Jaime-much less most appropriate, which contained a dragon experience in all likelihood replica and pasted into the episode’s script from a Reddit thread and Jon Snow responding “My father changed into the most honorable man I ever met” to information that he’s having sexual sex along with his aunt, we ultimately got what we wanted: Jaime’s new appearance! It is a fabulous facial feature for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s stunning head, and it offers us a glimmer of wish. Perhaps Jaime’s new beard will manual the rest of the very last season inside the satisfactory path feasible!

Of path, Jaime’s facial-hair lewks have modified pretty considerably in the course of each season. So in honor of his new look, this is a ranking of all of the Game of Thrones seasons in line with Jaime Lannister’s facial-hair situation — from the uninteresting clean-shaven face of season one to the five-o’clock shadow that doesn’t develop in any respect for the duration of seasons five through seven. I will carry up the inconsistencies with Jaime’s redemption arc because it relates to his facial hair season through the season a lot, so undergo and the maiden honest with me.

Jaime Lannister’s Facial Hair Situations

No facial hair technically doesn’t be counted as facial hair, but that is a scenario we need to talk about approximately, please. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s chiseled cheekbones should, without difficulty, sliced butternut squash. And although we’d by no means realize the proper seductive powers of this man’s facial shape if it weren’t for Jaime Lannister’s naked face, this is the worst appearance of them all. Seeing Jaime look like he walked straight off the A Knight’s Tale set is as hard to look at as his endured courting with Cersei long after his redemption arc in season three.

7. Season Four

At first, the outline for Jaime’s season-4 facial-hair state of affairs becomes just going to be a group of “ugh,” however that’s a better description for the Myrcella rescue venture in Dorne. Not handiest does Jaime introduce an easy-shaven face in the season-four ultimate, “Two Swords,” however, he additionally sports a head of short hair without the signature golden Lannister locks. What occurred to his hair coloration? There’s by no means been a reason behind this. Along with his new do, Jaime emerges with a desire to get lower back in it (“it” that means incest) with Cersei. While Jaime’s facial hair grew and grew throughout seasons and three, he won a few attitudes on his beyond and did some reflecting, which began an exciting redemption arc. But with all of the facial hair gone, he’s suddenly returned to his antique approaches, as though he found out not anything during the last two seasons of the program. Game of Thrones creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff seems to think that beards have a right away correlation to character boom. But what if they’re proper? If I get my boyfriend to absolutely shave his facial hair off, will he smooth our apartment unprompted? This is something to think about.

6. Season Five

We see the wee little bit of facial hair on Jaime Lannister’s face in season five is well-deserved, considering what his plot on this season positioned absolutely everyone thru. See how the traces of his facial hair highlight Jaime’s bone shape? I am melting just like the gold Khal Drogo used to make Viserys Targaryen’s iconic crown. Unfortunately, this scruffy look isn’t enough to make it to the pinnacle of our listing. Somehow, it’s a 5-o’clock shadow that doesn’t develop at all for the season’s duration, even though Jaime spends weeks far from getting admission to a razor.

5. Season Six

By season six, Jaime is beginning to permit his old, incest-ing self to pass. Kind of. Sort of. It’s a gradual method, and he needs time. And time could be very … inconsistent in Westeros. Jaime’s redemption arc needed to begin lower back up in some unspecified time in the future, so, of a path, his facial hair begins to grow again alongside his ethical compass. With mourning his daughter’s death, Myrcella, dealing with the High Sparrow’s upward thrust in King’s Landing and taking up a siege in Riverrun, Jaime actually doesn’t have time for pampering. Thank the gods! This sharp but tough look is a small leap into facial-hair greatness — and belated individual development.

4. Season Two

Jaime spends the general public of season two with poopy pants and a terrible mindset. This is understandable because he’s dwelling in an of doors cage as a prisoner of Robb Stark. While this situation is obviously unfortunate, both Jaime’s increase as a person and his facial hair need to increase. Without the luxuries of baths and blades in King’s Landing, Jaime’s facial hair is about unfastened, an understatement that I’m positive is not lost on him as a prisoner of warfare. His unkempt terrible-boy, homicide-my-very own-cousin appearance here’s a massive development on his “Prince Charming from the Shrek sequels” season-one vibe, mainly whilst his bangs get in his eyes.

3. Season Three

Is Jaime’s facial hair plenty different in season three than in season? Not in reality, but I’m going to overanalyze it anyway. It’s a pretty awful lot, the same as season two. However, there’s one major difference this is an improvement: To display that point has surpassed, Jaime’s prison beard has grown longer! And it’s a bit Jesus-y, which actually works for him. There are several golden hairs in this beard that look appropriate and casually remind us that Jaime continues to be a Lannister who pushed a ten-yr-vintage toddler who in all likelihood didn’t even understand what intercourse becomes out of a window. What a moment for Jaime Lannister’s facial hair! What a second for this epic application.

2. Season Seven

In most other contexts, season seven might by no means be ranked this relatively. But now, not when viewed thru the lens of Jaime’s beautiful face! His facial situation occurs while you add salt and crushed black pepper onto a face like that. While Jaime’s facial hair defies time as it does no longer grow in any respect throughout his Big Trip to Highgarden from King’s Landing and returned, it’s far perhaps one of the handiest things in season seven that doesn’t make me want that I’d died with my first-class friends Margaery Tyrell and Kevan Lannister inside the Great Sept of Baelor. Here, his head hair is genuinely drawing near a ’90s fashion even though he has zero reference pictures for his stylist. The appearance virtually highlights his cheekbones in a manner it couldn’t work in his appearance for seasons five and 6. I want to make out with this, although the stubble offers me dry, peeling pores and skin. And even though his sharp cheekbones slice my face off. Arya can use my face to murder Cersei, and I don’t care.

1. Season Eight

The Young Leo hair mixed with the beard with speckled grays is the best factor Game of Thrones has accomplished narratively when considering that season 4. When I journey on a horse inside the snow for a month with a hood on so people can’t see me because I’m popular, I also emerge with ’90s heartthrob bangs, combed to perfection via angels. This is the weirdest Jaime has ever seemed — he actually looks as if a Stark now? However, that is additionally satisfactory he’s ever regarded. I am very confident that I and everybody analyzing this weblog will in no way locate themselves in a state of affairs where they arrive face-to-face with the child they once pushed out of a window and paralyzed. But if this ever does manifest to me, I hope I appearance this appropriate.