Here’s a listing of seven accessories released for new Suzuki Gixxer!


Suzuki released the new Gixxer just the day before today. At Rs 1 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi), the new Gixxer Rs 12,000 extra high-priced than the outgoing model. The new one appears extra premium, and muscular. So to make it appear aesthetically better and make it more sensible, Suzuki has introduced seven add-ons that can be equipped on the Gixxer at the dealerships.

Tank Protector: In case you’re scared of scratching the bike, this is an ideal tool to prevent that.


There are many online web sites which offer those luxurious boat accessories at a discounted fee; for this reason, you may find the money for the luxuries at an affordable charge. Luxury boat add-ons are the one’s accessories or elements which offer a unique enchantment and presence in your highly-priced boat. Buying such accessories is usually a nice enjoy for the owner of the boat due to the fact such pricey add-ons growth the resale price of your boat, and the beauty that can mesmerise all of us available searching at it. There are such a lot of accessories, that can beautify the fee of your boat as well as safety measures.

Luxury boat accessories are as expensive as the boat is; consequently, you may locate all types of wondrous styles and types in loads starting from neat and smooth blankets, key chains, luggage tags, rubber bracelets to fasteners. These all are even though no longer a lot precious than the protection accessories and renovation add-ons however still they’re a part of luxurious boat accessories. There are numerous tiers of such sorts inside the marketplace that comes along with many manufacturers; consequently, it’s far nothing unusual if you find your self bewildered inside the market.

Many navigation add-ons are there within the market in which you can get Binoculars, Compasses, GPS structures and Log books, these all add-ons are important to be carried before embarking to the ocean. With some of these accessories, your boat receives geared up with all crucial navigation machine. Many luxurious boats provide puppy products additionally for those passengers who would like to carry the pet. Hence, getting the one’s add-ons on your boat will growth the great of your provider in your passengers. The accessories encompass Pet lover’s tour kit, Pet Bandana, Pet visor to shield the eyes from the scorching solar, Dog Leash, Dog collar, Dog harness and the maximum distinguished are pet life vests that may give an added increase to your luxury boat accessories.

For including the greater price in your luxurious boat, you require all those accessories and amenities that are important for pleasant highly-priced boats. For your luxury boat, you should buy the deck add-ons which can offer more rest to your passengers as well as upload to its splendour. Deck accessories including beach towels, comfortable, elegant Chairs, coolers and Hammock, are amongst those which can grow the cost of your boat in phrases of repute and money.

Out of the maximum add-ons, the only’s that require interest is protection accessories along with First aid kits, Flashlights, knives, Sailing gloves and existence vests. A marine radio is should as it’s miles greater than a lifesaver to get data approximately the climate forecast and as a communication device to talk with the coast guard. A sturdy, water-proof increase box along with radio, CD or MP3 can allow your passengers to a birthday party the complete night. Your boat whether or not it is pricey or a normal boat; you ought to bring those protection accessories in case of an emergency and unsure state of affairs. For any boat, these accessories are of huge significance, and for a boat proprietor, registration needs to be carried before sail.