Find the Olympics Basketball Schedule Here and Watch the Big Games Tonight


Basketball fans worldwide are heading to Rio, Brazil, to cheer on their favorite basketball teams. Here’s how you can tune in and catch every game of your choosing.

Find the Olympics Basketball Schedule Here and Watch the Big Games Tonight. Find the schedule for tonight’s games in Rio, Brazil. Check out the history of Olympic Basketball and the rules of the game. Watch the Olympic Basketball Games tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Introduction to the Olympics Basketball Schedule

The Olympics basketball schedule will be starting soon. This is an excellent opportunity to see some of the best players in the world compete against each other. The United States is always a favorite, but other countries like Spain and Brazil have been doing well in recent tournaments. Make sure to catch all the action! The rules of the game were set in the 2016 Games in Rio. If you have never watched basketball games before, you should read through the complete management of the game here to familiarize yourself with all of the essential details.

Olympics Basketball

The Top Olympic Basketball Nations

The top Olympic basketball nations are the United States, Spain, and Argentina. The United States has won the most gold medals, while Spain has won the most silver medals. Germany ranks fourth behind the US, Russia, and Canada, with 17 golds. – The US has had the most world records in 16 different events. Russia ranks second with ten world records. – In terms of total medal count, China holds the top rank with 25 total medals, including 15 golds. The Chinese national team comprises athletes from five provinces: Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, and Zhejiang.

What to Watch For in Olympic Basketball

The basketball tournament at the Olympics is always a fun event to watch. This year, there are a few things to watch for. First, the United States always has a strong team, and they are likely to win the gold medal again. Second, groups like Spain and Brazil always put up a good fight, so it will be interesting to see how they do. – I do not think Brazil can win in the USA against Germany. – For some reason, I feel that this will be a boring tournament. The lack of quality of teams and players makes it quite dull, but with the boring soccer to watch, people will stop caring about the World Cup results, that’s for sure.

Olympic Basketball Rules

Basketball is a sport that has been played in the Olympics since 1936. The game of basketball was first introduced in the Olympics in 1936. The game is played with two teams of five players. The game’s basic rules are that two teams of five players try to score points by throwing a round ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The objective is to score points by shooting the ball through a ring that is 10 feet high.

How to Watch Olympic Basketball Games

The 2016 Olympic basketball games are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5-21. Basketball is one of the most popular sports globally, and the Olympics are the biggest stage for the sport. Here is how to watch the games. The 2016 Olympic basketball games will be streamed online on the NBC Olympics website. You can also watch the games on the NBC Sports app, available on iOS and Android devices.

Olympic Basketball Venues

There are six Olympic basketball venues located in different parts of London. The first Olympic basketball games will be played at ExCeL London and feature six preliminary games between July 28th and August 3rd. Games two through six will be played at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, and games seven through nine will be played at The Copper Box Arena in Stratford. The best Olympic basketball players have competed in every game, with the 2016 and 2020 versions of the event not being played simultaneously.

The History of Olympic Basketball

The first Olympic basketball tournament was held in 1936. The United States won the gold medal, and the Soviet Union won the silver medal. Basketball was not included in the Olympics from 1948 to 1976. The United States won the gold medal in each tournament from 1936 to 1968. The Soviet Union won the gold medal in 1972. The United States won the gold medal in 1984 and 1992.

Things you should keep in your Mind

  • When was the first Olympic basketball tournament?
  • Who won the gold medal in 1936?
  • Who won the gold medal in 1984?
  • Who won the gold medal in 1992?
  • Was basketball included in the Olympics from 1948 to 1976?
  • Who won the gold medal in each of the tournaments from 1936 to 1968?
  • Who won the gold medal in 1972?

Medal Predictions for Olympic Basketball

The basketball tournament at the Olympics is always hotly contested, and this year is no exception. The United States is the clear favorite, but Spain, Argentina, and Brazil all have a chance to win the gold medal. The above countries could also knock off favorites like France and Germany, especially if one of the weaker teams manages to upset a team that’s supposed to win. That unpredictability is what makes the World Cup so much fun. No matter how predictable you think the tournament is, there’s always a chance for an upset. The same goes for your fantasy sports team.

The Best Olympic Basketball Players of All Time

The best Olympic basketball players of all time are undoubtedly the Dream Team. Composed of some of the greatest players in NBA history, the Dream Team was unbeatable at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Led by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, the Dream Team cruised to an easy gold medal, defeating all of their opponents by an average of more than 44 points.


The USA men’s basketball team kicked off their Olympic campaign with a dominant 111-74 victory over China. The Americans were led by Kevin Durant’s 22 points and looked sharp throughout the game. They will next face Venezuela on Monday.